Standard LAN party rules apply.

  • Use good judgment and try not to be TOO rowdy, as we'll be at a public venue that we would like to continue to use in the future.
  • Clean up after yourselves.
  • Respect other people's property.
  • There should be (fingers crossed) limited internet connectivity, meaning there will be enough bandwidth to grab drivers and hit a web page or 10, but no gaming ports will be opened. Please don't abuse it.
  • Alcohol will be allowed, please be responsible.

Here is a short list of equipment you will need to bring for yourselves:

  • Your PC loaded and ready with all of the games you plan to play
  • Software to fix it if it implodes (happens to at LEAST one person every party)
  • A monitor (LCD monitors 27" or smaller). (CRT's of any size and TV's/Monitors Larger than 27" are not allowed)
  • Keyboard AND mouse (don't laugh)
  • Power cables
  • Power strip
  • Headphones (NO speakers of any sort will be allowed due to power limitations)
  • MIC for voice comm. (We'll probably have a Mumble, Teamspeak or Ventrillo server setup)
  • Network cables will be provided and ready for you to plug in, but extras never hurt.

PLEASE have your computer in GOOD, WORKING order before showing up. No one feels worse at a LAN than the schmuck rebuilding their system from scratch because it crashed 2 hours into the LAN.

“Standard rules apply, touch not less ye be touched. We all know the simple stuff like no speakers. There might be a few new faces this time and a word to them; I lay down the law on the big stuff. If there is the slightest hint you maybe even thinking about taking something that isn't yours, you will be forcibly removed and the rumors of the minorities in the parking lot are true. This also applies to anyone who can't handle their temper. I will be employing the largest Mexicans there. Cases of general noobery and boozeness will be handled by me, so don't make a case of yourself.

We are all friends here, be considerate.”

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